Should you buy the new OnePlus Nord CE 5G? Or should you not?

Well everything depends on the what you want from your next smartphone. There are obvious benefits of getting a newer phone and there are traps that you need to be aware of to save yourself as a consumer. I hope that following information will help you make the best possible decision.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Body

The OnePlus Node Core Edition (CE) 5G has an average looking body design, nothing really fancy here, both in terms of design and material. The body is made up of a glass screen covering the front of the phone with plastic back and plastic frame. Like Nord, Nord CE has a high potential of being damaged due to a bend in the plastic frame supporting the structure of the phone. The phone weighs 170g which is pretty lightweight. This is due to the plastic body and frame.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Design

Like I mentioned before, the design is nothing fancy, and not really uniquely distinct from other phones in the same price range. I mean pick up any mid-range phone and cover the center part with a non-transparent tape and you won’t be able to tell if it is a Realme, Oppo or a OnePlus. Which is kind of ironic because OnePlus is known for its unique design.

The phone comes with a typical camera layout which is not bad but is not innovative or uniquely distinct. This means you will have a hard time distinguishing this phone from any other phone in the same price range.

The phone comes in three colours Blue Void, which is a OP Nord like colour, Charcoal Ink, which does look professional and sturdy and Silver Ray, which is just fancy white, remember that Samsung glastic white back on its A series phones? Yeah this is the same thing. The look overall could have been improved. 

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Display

The Nord CE comes with a Fluid AMOLED display which is just a fancier way of saying crispier display. This means that the blacks will appear more balck (yes that’s a feature) and colours will be more vibrant. It comes with a 90hz refresh rate which is doable for this price range. I mean I am not complaining. Overall the display is good.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Processor

The phone ships with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor which is a pretty impressive processor. Let’s just talk about the processor here for a bit without talking about the phone.

Most of the snapdragon processors are good, in theory you can never really go wrong with a snapdragon processor because they are always superior to their only competitor which is Mediatek (Again let’s assume that Apple chips aren’t a thing for a second).  Snapdragon 750G is a 8nm mid range processor, and will surely provide value for your money.

Now in context of OnePlus’s Nord CE 5G, the processor is great, but since the processor has been in the market for quite some time now you can expect other phones to have the same processor at a better price point. (For example Mi 10i or Samsung M42).

So I am indifferent about the processor though the phone seems a bit overpriced for the processor, considering it lacks in other departments too.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Memory

The phone is available in 6,8 and 12 Gb ram variants, where both 6 and 8 Gb variants are coupled with 128 Gigs of storage and the 12 Gb variant comes with 256 Gb of storage. Well that sounds nice, what could possibly be wrong?

It’s the storage speeds, OP Nord CE comes with a UFS 2.1 storage which is decent but the read/write speeds are slower than a phone that comes with a UFS 2.2 storage (Mi 10i) or higher. But this shouldn’t concern you much if you don’t handle big files on a regular basis because the time delay in transfer of smaller files will not be noticeable. Also there is no expandable memory (Samsung M42 has expandable memory). 

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Battery

The phone comes with a 4500mAh battery, and since SD 750G is a pretty efficient processor and since the phone has an AMOLED screen, the battery should last you the whole day with 4-5 hours of screen on time on an average. If your use case involves use of highly optimized applications and lower overall burden on the processor then your phone may last more than a day. The phone comes with a 30W fast charging and the OnePlus advertises that it can go from 0-70 in 30 minutes which is pretty good. So you know that even if you are low on battery you can juice up your phone pretty fast.

OnePlus Nord CE 5G Camera

The phone comes with a triple camera setup, one primary, one ultra wide and one monochrome camera. The primary camera is 64 Megapixel, ultrawide is 8 and mono is 2. OnePlus has a history of making amazing cameras and so we can rely on these cameras to deliver some of the best images at this segment. The monochrome camera is nothing but a black and white camera. (well not literally but you get the idea). On the front Nord CE comes with a 16 Megapixel camera which supports HDR and can record videos in 1080p 30/60fps. There is no optical image stabilization. Overall the cameras are good. 

Other features

Other than being called Nord, the phone actually has some pros attached to it. For example it comes with a superfast, the OG OnePlus in-display fingerprint reader that everyone loves. It comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack yaaaay! 

Things to consider

The phone comes with a Dragontrail glass instead of Corning’s Gorilla glass so it might be a little more susceptible to scratches and cracks. The phone doesn’t come with an alert slider which is one of the most sought after features of a OnePlus phone. 


The phone is decent, nothing unique or catchy about the phone which makes it a good overall phone. But when we factor in the price of the phone, you can surely get better value for your money if you buy a Xiaomi, Realme or Samsung with the same processor. So the question remains, should you buy the OnePlus Nord CE 5G? In my opinion, you should wait for either the price to go down or buy a phone with similar specs from a sister company like Xiaomi or Samsung. For now Nord CE fails to provide significant value for its price. If you want a OnePlus 5G phone with decent performance, you are better off buying the Nord without “CE”. Do let me know what your opinions are in the comments.