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Should You Buy The New M1 iPad Pro?


iPad Pro has a history of being one of the best tablets on the planet. And now with the addition of M1 processor, the new M1 iPad Pro is even better. When we look at the competition we realise that the only real competition it has are the Android tablets, which are more or less bigger phones (not that phones aren’t big enough already). There was a time when bigger phones were called phablets and yes that’s a real term, phablets were phones with a screen size of 6 inches or more. Whereas most of the android tablets at that time started at 7-7.5 inches. That’s not a big difference.


As the bigger screens got more mainstream, companies simply started calling phablet phones with fancy suffixes like Ultra, Note, Max, etc.  But there was still a demand for a device that offered a bigger screen for computing. Meanwhile iPads were crushing it, both in terms of sales and user experience. iPads come with iPad OS which is specifically designed with tablet computing in mind.


So why did people want a tablet when they already had bigger phones? Interesting question! Well to answer that we need to understand the specific use cases in which tablets outperform phones. Let’s say you need to keep a track of a lot of things at once, there is only so much that you can see on a phone’s display without having to scroll. Let’s say you want to analyse stock market charts, in this case a phone screen will not be the best device to do so, and laptops aren’t as mobile.


Although laptops are portable, because of the keyboard a lot of flexibility in using it while travelling is compromised. So the world needed something that packed the power of a larger screen without compromising either the screen real estate or the performance and flexibility.


And there you have it, that’s the market that the iPads have been in, they are not trying to make a big phone, they are not trying to make a touchscreen laptop. They are making a portable computing device.


M1 iPad Pro – The good, the bad and the ugly


The good


Right off the bat I can tell you that the M1 is one of the most powerful processors on any mobile device ever. So you can expect laptop level performance on iPad Pro. This also means that you will be able to do a lot of processor intensive tasks like video and image editing without much or almost no thermal throttling. You will also be able to see the progress of file transfers, which is a new addition to the iPad OS. It comes with a Mini LED screen which is beautiful. Another improvement is in the front camera, the iPad Pro now comes with a wide angle front camera that can track your face during a video call and focus right on to you. 


The Bad


M1 iPad Pro


iPad Pro is obviously not for everyone, if you just want a tablet for education or entertainment then you are better off buying the iPad Air. Accessories like the magic keyboard and Apple pencil can cost you a lot of money, and you might find yourself still wanting a more capable laptop to do a lot of your work.


The Ugly


It’s very expensive, and for most people, until and unless you are a power user, is not worth the money. This is because you will not be able to utilize the mammoth of a processor inside the iPad Pro for the basic tasks and it is only in the most niche situations that you’ll ever need a processor that powerful. It still has no multi-user support which means that sharing your iPad with a family member could be a bit of a hassle. Also iPad OS is a very capable operating system but is still not as evolved as Mac OS or Windows an from time to time you will feel a need for a more capable and dynamic operating system to do your work.


So should you buy the new M1 iPad Pro?


If you are a power user, always handling big files, editing music, videos or images on the go and have already submerged yourself into the Apple ecosystem then by all means you should go for the new iPad Pro. But if you do not fit into the above description, and you just want a device for media consumption like watching movies or YouTube videos or you want a device to make notes and read blogs and pdfs you should go with iPad Air.